The Year That Was.

Patience posted a year in pictures recap on this “Mondayist of Mondays” as a way of easing back into the swing of things after the holidays. Given that we got back late yesterday evening from a most wonderful wedding to make this day truly the most Mondayist of Mondays, it seemed like a wonderful suggestion to join her in doing a photo recap of 2015.

IMG_8861 (1024x683)January – we officially became parents of a teenager and I nailed a homemade version of my favorite tub of storebought frosting.

All white flour version

All white flour version

February – all my photos from this month are of snow, knitting and baked goods, like these biscuits.

IMG_9632 (683x1024)

March  – it stopped snowing and color started coming back into the yard.

IMG_0879 (1024x683)

April – we went to the reenactment of Appomattox for spring break.

IMG_2028 (1024x683)

May -we were slammed busy, but I managed to carve out time to stop and watch the spiders.

IMG_2248 (1024x683)

June – we found a nest of baby birds in the hedge and I attempted to keep up with two gardens.

IMG_3281 (1024x683)

July – lots of watertime with The Smileys.

IMG_6382 (1280x853)August  – beach time.

IMG_5631 (1280x853)

September – after months of being overcommitted, I made a conscious effort to say NO.  I also took in a fermenting workshop with the master.



October – we finished the den reorganization we started in July, with the finishing touch being this lampshade we recovered ourselves.

IMG_7918 (1024x683) - Copy

November – Oysterfest.


December – it was all about the Merry.

8 thoughts on “The Year That Was.

  1. kristygardner says:

    What a wonderful re-cap Becky! Saying “no” (and sometimes “hell no”) is my new thing too. It sucks because there’s so many things I want to help out with or do but there’s only 24 hours in the day and 9 of those I am asleep. haha… Thank you for being so wonderful and amazing!! Happy new year my dear friend.

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