It didn’t feel like I took 500 photos this past weekend, but when I got home and uploaded them from my camera, I discovered I had indeed taken very close to 500 photos.  They can pretty much be broken down by subject to….

Holiday Flair,

Including the Annual Urbanna Fourth of July Boat Parade (which I present in it’s entirety, in order of appearance):


Packs of Children (and dogs):

and rivertime.

Edie and I had discovered an entire aisle at Michael’s devoted to “Americana”, so the day before we left for Urbanna, we bought up everything that was left to create a centerpiece.  Pat and Will took off all the price tags (that also said “Made in China”), which Mollie and I thought took some of the charm away, but what do we know. They also arranged the entire thing after Mollie & I dumped it all in the vase, so this year’s flair was most certainly a group effort. At not quite three, Walker breaks in to dance moves, with or without music, at any time. He’s non stop, fully expressive in everything he does and a blast of energy at that.  While hanging out at the river on the Fourth, Christian busted out a kayak, which resulted in hours of entertainment as all the boys scrambled to ride on it, often sucking Edie into helping them get on. It really was amazing how many hours of fun 6 boys had with a single kayak.  Rain was predicted for the Fourth and while the sky looked rather sketchy at times, we ended up having a fabulous river day. Will had set crab pots before we all arrived and took all the kids out on the boat to pull them in.  We tried out Rieman’s homemade sunscreen and realized while it worked well, it needed to be reapplied more often than we are used to. I failed to get any posed group shots and none of the wonderfully fun party Will and Mollie threw Friday night before the fireworks, complete with crabs, hot dogs, Mollie’s lime pie and lots of watermelon.  I suppose I was too busy enjoying it to capture it in photos,  but if that’s not a measure of a good time, then I don’t know what is.

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