Floating down.

Lost in the shuffle here recently were the shots I took down in Scottsville of the Batteau Festival last week.  Scottsville throws out the welcome mat for the Batteaux, where folks set up on the banks to watch the boats come in, there are bands playing all over town and a festive atmosphere abounds.

We wandered about, spending some time at the Brewery, running into a slew of friends before heading back down to the water and enjoying beverages on a batteau while the sun set.

The weather had cooled off significantly from the earlier heat in the week, so it was an absolutely lovely evening to spend hanging out on the river bank. We ended the evening grabbing a quick bite at the tavern – which between the Batteau Festival and the final UVa-Vandy College World Series Baseball game on the many televisions around the bar, was totally the place to be –  before heading home.

The festival wrapped up this past Saturday at Maiden’s Landing. Pat and Edie, working the James River Rundown, crossed paths with the festival over the weekend, but I as elected to stay home (and dry), I have no first hand report on the finish.

4 thoughts on “Floating down.

  1. Cassi says:

    It looks very relaxed and beautiful. Whenever I see photos of a river, though, I wonder –were the mosquitoes an issue? Or are you guys like a friend of mine, who can fly fish all day and never get a bite?

    • Becky says:

      Mosquitoes are usually not an issue for me, but the following weekend, when Edie & Pat did a 100 mile stretch of the James, Edie got eaten up.

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