Gardens of the neighborhood.

I sometimes wander around the neighborhood, camera in hand.  Saturday afternoon, I found myself down at Sandy’s, checking out his new deck and overhauled back patio, marveling over his hydrangeas.

He has a slew of wonderful succulents and bromeliads, including this one.

Sandy’s yard might be a work in progress, but he is definitely on track to have the best back yard in the ‘hood. It’s that awesome.

Coming back from my other garden yesterday, I drove past Pattie’s house.  She was standing in her front yard talking to Brian and waved me down to come look at her flowers.  Every time we drive past Pattie’s house, we sigh and exclaim how delightful her garden is.

Pattid has a variety of echinacea planted that are all currently blooming.  There is a wonderfully vibrant purple that I think I took nearly 50 shots of, as well as a Piccolino, with a poufy center that is reminiscent of a peony while looking a little Suessian. The bees were going nuts over all of them.

Meanwhile, down at the other garden, the zinnias Virginia planted around the perimeter are in full bloom.

The rest of the garden isn’t looking too shabby either.  Well, my portion is an ongoing (losing) battle with weeds, but at least everything is green and lush, including  the veggies I planted.

Virginia harvested her potatoes this week, with some most excellent looking results.  I’ve picked my first peppers (sweet banana) and was delighted to discover baby okra forming through my macro lens!

Back here at the homestead, the deer that live behind Brian & Betty’s seem to have discovered my garden after who knows how many years of peaceful co-existence.  They nibbled the tops of the basil, cucumbers and tomatoes, leaving the mystery melon vines threatening to take over Rose Hill Drive (and our yard) alone.  A begonia cutting Leni gave me that I potted is blooming on the front porch and it’s pretty glorious.  I love begonias, I truly  do.

IMG_3100 (683x1024)

8 thoughts on “Gardens of the neighborhood.

  1. WRD says:

    Those photos are great! For the first time that I can remember, our hydrangeas thrived this year. Perhaps it was because we had adequate rainfall this year.

    • Becky says:

      This is actually the second year in row ours have struggled because of the bitterly cold winters, particularly Pattie’s lacecap hydrangeas.

  2. melissawest says:

    Look at the lush COLOR! I’d never quit walking around admiring the neighborhood if mine looked like yours…

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