Five Photos, Five Stories, #1

IMG_2028 (1024x683)

I like to wander my yard with my camera in hand.  I’ve been teaching myself to shoot manually for the last year or so.  I’ve briefly – as in, sat in the yard one afternoon with a stack of library books and a glass of wine – studied the ins and outs of this.  I only vaguely know the terms, but I have (mostly) figured out how to set my camera to achieve the shots I want.  I learn more by doing than I do by reading sometimes, and this is definitely true when it comes to photography. Thank goodness for digital, which makes learning to play so much cheaper and easier than film photography.  I like to capture light and moods, I love shooting with macro lens and focusing in on details.  My garden and everything that inhabits it, are some of my favorite things to shoot because they are always changing, always in flux.  What’s in bloom today can be gone tomorrow.  Such is the tale of this spider.  I was walking into the basement to check laundry when I saw the late afternoon sunlight shining through the web and ran to grab my camera, as that light can be fleeting. I held my breath as I shot, almost unable to believe I was able to capture so beautifully the streaming sun light through the delicate web.  It’s taken me a good bit of work as well as luck to be able to shoot this photo. Such is life, isn’t it?  You can work all you want, but sometimes, you just luck into things.

Suzicate at The Water Witch’s Daughter invited me to play Five Photos, Five Stories. I invite Cassi at Bad at Being Mom to participate.  If you wish to play the rules are that you post a picture a day with a story, fiction or non-fiction, or a poem and nominate one fellow blogger a day to participate.


9 thoughts on “Captured.

    • Becky says:

      Thank you! I find them very satisfying, especially during those never-ending snowstorms, when I like to pull up last summer’s photos and remember it will stop snowing.

  1. suzicate says:

    I like that shot! I enjoy experimenting with manual settings. Sometimes it turns out well, others…ahhh. But learning is a good thing!

    • Becky says:

      It’s rare I shoot anything but manual anymore. I just play around with my settings until I get the shot I want. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting there!

  2. Cassi says:

    That’s a great photo –it’s so rare to get a shot of such a gorgeous web! Thanks for the nomination –I’ll have to get some photos of my garden 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Thanks! I totally lucked into it. (Also, this is why my house is a mess and laundry is never entirely caught up. Because I get distracted by the light coming through a spider web.) I can’t wait to see what you capture!

  3. pattisj says:

    That is a great shot. I need to do some serious practice with my camera. Thanks or reminding me! 😉 We saw a bazillion of those spiders at the botanical garden.

      • pattisj says:

        I don’t know what kind of spider it is. I look for opportunities to skip folding laundry, too. 😉

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