Popping up

Saturday was one of those gloriously warm and sunny days where none of us had anywhere to be.  I called Jody to see if I could borrow a macro lens for my camera and while he was at it, he lent me this very fun bendable lens that he might not get back until much later in the spring.

You bend the lens to focus and it blurs everything else out. I still am figuring out how to use it, but I did get some nice shots with it.

IMG_9797 (1024x683)

Like this one, which is practice for when this tree is in full bloom.  That’s going to be a spectacular shot when it is.

IMG_9784 (683x1024)

I’m pretty pleased with my lone daffodil as well.

There are hints of spring all over the place, with the Virginia Bluebells I planted a few years ago popping up in the back yard, buds on the trees making their appearance and the arugula seeds I threw in the ground week before last popping up.

I think I’m most excited about the arugula – not just because I love having fresh greens I can grab from the garden but because I harvested them from last spring’s row that bolted.  That’s right, those seeds are about as local and organic as it gets.  Which makes me feel admittedly virtuous and slightly smug, but this is Charlottesville, where seemingly everyone gets virtuous and slightly smug about local food.
I will admit however, that those seeds were the entirety of last spring’s harvest – the row bolted before the leaves were big enough to pick, which definitely dampers some of the smug and virtue.  Hopefully this year’s crop will fare better.  Fingers crossed.

10 thoughts on “Popping up

  1. Cassi says:

    Oh, so lovely. I’ve never tried the lenten rose, but my sister (in southern MI) says they do really well for her. We are now buried under 6 inches of snow again, but I’m just trying to ignore it –late March snows can’t last too long.

  2. melissawest says:

    Lenten rose. I couldn’t remember the name of that flower. What a charmer.
    And you totally deserve to be smug about food. I’ve seen your farmers market.

    • Becky says:

      That flower was in my bridal bouquet and my headpiece, which is partially why I’m fond of them. They also bloom in late winter and stay good looking until early summer. How can you not like a flower like that?

  3. Kristy @ She Eats says:

    I too, am most excited about the arugula. Not because I get to eat any of yours but because I have very fond memories of discovering farm fresh arugula for the first time. It’s right up there with fresh garlic and tomatoes for me.

    Good luck with your crops this year my friend! High five to all of us who are virtuous and slightly smug about local food 😉

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