I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about today.  It has been a rather routine week  – not only our second one in a row, but our second ‘routine’ week since some time in January, which is surprisingly refreshing. There’s been no snow, no dinners of note, no one has been sick, everything that was scheduled has happened when it was supposed to with the exception of Edie’s soccer game last Saturday which was called on account of rain.  It was supposed to be the first game of the season, so not having it didn’t throw us out of a routine as much as it just put off starting our spring Saturday routine.

The week started warm with this absolutely gorgeous sunrise Monday morning and gradually cooled off by Friday, because it’s still March and winter isn’t quite done and spring isn’t entirely on board yet.  I’m culinary bored – I’m tired of cooking with what I put up last summer in jars and in the freezers and so ready for fresh local veggies I can hardly stand it.  I’ve been spring cleaning, swapped out my winter clothes for warmer weather ones (and then proceeded to watch the temperature drop that very afternoon making me slightly regret being so thorough that I put my boxes of clothes back in the attic so that I couldn’t easily rummage for something warmer to sleep in), none of which any of you probably want to hear in detail, do you?

Even the photos I took this week are slightly uninspired.  Sure there was that breathtaking sunrise Monday morning I was lucky enough to catch with my camera, garden gnome and blooming crocus, but there were also a few shots of bird poop on a neighbor’s retaining wall I was fascinated by.  That’s right, bird poop.

IMG_9640 (683x1024)This is not to say that the highlight of my week was intriguing bird poop – not in the least.  There have been plenty of little moments, the sort to be present for and enjoy in the moment.  Like watching the core group of students in my Tuesday after-school cooking class at a local junior high for PB&J Fund really gel this week.  Or discovering Edie listing to the Dead while doing her homework one day after school.

And there’s been some work – wrapping up the canning project, (finally) clearing the basement of all those extra canning supplies.  I’ve given some thought to how I want to do the pickle subscription this year – I considered making the leap to be able to sell to retail outlets, but decided to stay small again this year, although not all the pickles I make to sell will have to be pre-ordered. Or so I think right now. There’s also a few other projects in the works  that have me inspired, are keeping me occupied but aren’t quite ready to share here.  In fact, this blog post could I suppose be considered procrastinating on them, but if you consider this post writing practice, then it’s not really entirely procrastinating, is it?

It’s just been one of those nondescript weeks around here that are sort of necessary in life, the ones where you find yourself absolutely fascinated by bird poop on a neighbor’s retaining wall.  Some days it really is the little things.

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