Down at Market.


I totally meant to write this post earlier in the week,  but one thing after another popped up and next thing you know, it’s a week later and one realizes oh, that never happened.  And then, because I’m one of those people who believes that if you do something and you’re going to blog about it, you should do it in a timely manner, ie, just after it happens, I started debating whether to do it at all.  Sitting here on a Sunday morning where the sun can’t quite decide if it’s coming out or not, realizing that until this stinking dining room gets done, getting this house clean and decluttered is just not an option and I really should get myself geared up just a little bit more before jumping back into that dining room project, it seemed like I should write about it. Continue reading

An Evening of Culture.


A few weeks ago, my friend Susan called and asked if I would help her put together an evening for her culture club.  She explained that the culture club sprung out of her book club – at some point, they realized that they really weren’t reading or discussing the books, but they still enjoyed getting together and doing things.  And thus, their culture club began.

DSCN1390 Continue reading

An Accidental Career.

March madness has morphed into Assiduous April.  I knew at the onset of March it was going to be busy.  And then things happened…..all good things, but it seemed like all I was doing some days was adding to my to-do list instead of actually tackling any items on the list.  I also found myself writing things down – I pride myself on not having to write things down.  When I write things down, that means I’m overwhelmed, I have too many things going on and I need to slow down.  I kept telling myself if I could just get through the month of March, I could get caught up.  All of it.  The house, other projects that got shoved to the back burners, time with friends, my garden…. Continue reading

My latest idea.

I am excellent at ideas.  And here’s my latest one. 

A pickle subscription. 

Here’s how I envision it working:
One.  Customers preorder the quantity and type of pickle(s) you prefer in the spring.  You would pay a small deposit and the balance would be due when you receive your pickles at the appropriate point of the season.  Love my bread & butter pickles or want to have pickled okra and green beans for your Bloody Marys but don’t want to make them yourself? Did I hook your toddler on my pickled peaches? Then this is for you.

Two.  Pickle of the month club.  Every month, a different pickle is mailed out to subscribers.  I’m thinking this would make an excellent gift. Not sure what to buy your parents or fussy Aunt Sue?  How about a pickle of the month club subscription!  The monthly package wouldn’t just be pickles,  there would be recipes or menu suggestions (what to serve with your watermelon rind pickles or a pickled peach pound cake recipe), perhaps another homemade treat as well.  

While I’ve looked into what it would take to make this a  legal enterprise (a two day class offered by the state for starters), I haven’t crunched numbers on this one too hard.  I hear quite a bit I should sell my pickles and I’ve come up with this as a way to do that but not extend myself too much financially or end up with too much stock on my hands. There’s still quite a bit of work to do to flesh this idea out, but this idea has been in the back of my head since last summer.  Just last night, I could picture my little catalog of pickles that would go out, with pictures and descriptions of pickles.  I’m thinking very seriously about doing a test run to a limited group this spring, with the idea that I’d be fully legal and ready to offer Pickle of the Month club by the holiday season this year.

So, tell me friends, what do you think?  Would you be interesting in obtaining some of my tasty pickled treats, when you read the pickle of the month club idea did you immediately think that would be a perfect gift for certain hard to shop for members of your holiday gift list?  More importantly, do you want to be part of the initial group?  If so, make sure I have your email address.