Out Now.

Remember when my family went away for spring break and I stayed here working?  The project I stayed here working on is out on news stands now.  It came out last Thursday to be exact.


The Hook’s Green Homes and Living Special Section is a pull-out section of the local alternative’s weekly issue this week.  It contains eight articles that cover a variety of local green living aspects.  Some of the photos are mine as well.


There are some articles near & dear to me – I wrote about Betty’s construction project on Rose Hill (which I had blogged about here last spring), stormwater and gardening  – while learning about some fantastic local folks, like The Auto Hobby Shop  & Community Bikes.  I had no idea I could drop our worn out electronics off at Crutchfield’s retail outlet, nor did I really know why you don’t want to throw those things in the landfill. Now I do.   And I wrote all about it so you can know too.


I have some photo credits throughout the edition as well.  I narrowed down close to a thousand photos I shot to a disc of  less than a hundred.  While I worked on some of the text edits, I had no idea what photos were going to be selected until I held the final print in my hands.

Which was a completely fulfilling experience, seeing all that work come to fruition.

If you haven’t picked yourself up a copy, you can check out the on-line version here.

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