So far this week.

I bought beets at market last Saturday.  I roasted them in a foil packet in just a wee bit of water at 375 for just over an hour.  I let them cool,  peeled them, tossed with with salad greens, goat’s milk feta cheese, salt & pepper, olive oil & red wine vinegar. We liked them.  So much so I bought more beets at market this Saturday and when I suggested making that salad again today, Edie said okay.  Which means she likes them I think.  Dare I say we are starting to like beets?

It’s the first official Monday of summer break and about 2 pm this afternoon Edie announced she missed school.  That might be a new record in boring her.   I’ve realized she’s horribly underscheduled until mid-July, when she finally heads off to The Civility School’s Style Camp.  Remember when she won their Messiest Room Around Contest?  Well, she surprised me by choosing Civility School Credit as her prize.  I could not be prouder of her.  Although, I do wonder just a wee bit what that says about me – I joke that my daughter is putting herself through charm school since I failed out, day 3.

In between now & then, we do have things planned – Soph is coming home next week, there’s talk of a ‘cousins’ week with  Abigail, there’s lake time to be had, maybe a trip to the beach, Jenny & Kevin’s….hopefully she won’t be bored long. Although I’m a firm believer in boredom and lots of unscheduled time during the summer.

The dining room is packed up and all over my house.  As I packed, I realized I use a good bit of that stuff stored in the hutch – and how much I use the table as auxiliary kitchen counter space now that it’s gone.  I’m on a mission to get this project knocked out as quickly as possible.  I made myself a time line with a plan – that’s how serious I am.  I’d show you pictures of the progress, but my camera is dead.  I am not very happy with this development, but am going to deal with it after the dining room is done.  Everything but tomorrow’s class at The Happy Cook is on hold until then.

Speaking of The Happy Cook, I promised to share Justin’s blog post and have neglected to do so.  Click here and you can read his recap of it.

8 thoughts on “So far this week.

  1. SuziCate says:

    It’s funny how I turned my nose up at beets when my parents grew them in the garden when I was young, and now I’m like wow, they’re pretty good. Same thing with squash and a few other veggies!

  2. Cassi says:

    I have always loved beets –I roast them in the oven too, since Rob can’t stand the smell of them boiling, which is how my mom always cooked them. The salad recipe sounds delicious!

  3. melissawest says:

    Roasted beets are the best kind.
    Glad to hear your boredom plan is working out for her. Mine are driving me NUTS already and it’s only week one.

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