My latest idea.

I am excellent at ideas.  And here’s my latest one. 

A pickle subscription. 

Here’s how I envision it working:
One.  Customers preorder the quantity and type of pickle(s) you prefer in the spring.  You would pay a small deposit and the balance would be due when you receive your pickles at the appropriate point of the season.  Love my bread & butter pickles or want to have pickled okra and green beans for your Bloody Marys but don’t want to make them yourself? Did I hook your toddler on my pickled peaches? Then this is for you.

Two.  Pickle of the month club.  Every month, a different pickle is mailed out to subscribers.  I’m thinking this would make an excellent gift. Not sure what to buy your parents or fussy Aunt Sue?  How about a pickle of the month club subscription!  The monthly package wouldn’t just be pickles,  there would be recipes or menu suggestions (what to serve with your watermelon rind pickles or a pickled peach pound cake recipe), perhaps another homemade treat as well.  

While I’ve looked into what it would take to make this a  legal enterprise (a two day class offered by the state for starters), I haven’t crunched numbers on this one too hard.  I hear quite a bit I should sell my pickles and I’ve come up with this as a way to do that but not extend myself too much financially or end up with too much stock on my hands. There’s still quite a bit of work to do to flesh this idea out, but this idea has been in the back of my head since last summer.  Just last night, I could picture my little catalog of pickles that would go out, with pictures and descriptions of pickles.  I’m thinking very seriously about doing a test run to a limited group this spring, with the idea that I’d be fully legal and ready to offer Pickle of the Month club by the holiday season this year.

So, tell me friends, what do you think?  Would you be interesting in obtaining some of my tasty pickled treats, when you read the pickle of the month club idea did you immediately think that would be a perfect gift for certain hard to shop for members of your holiday gift list?  More importantly, do you want to be part of the initial group?  If so, make sure I have your email address. 

11 thoughts on “My latest idea.

  1. Lesa says:

    I think this is a good idea especially as you are so expert on making beautiful, tasty pickles. I don't know much about home businesses, but I noticed Lemon Bird on etsy does jams and the like. Might want to check it out. Pricing, as ever, is a factor of my shopping ability, but I know shipping glass/liquid can be very expensive. Let us know how it goes?

  2. Cassi Renee says:

    We barter for a friends' pickles (honey for pickles), but it's just the pickled cucumbers, and mostly it's Rob who loves them. But he never buys anything else pickled, so I'm not sure how he'd feel about other pickles.

    I do think the glass/liquid would make shipping really pricey.

  3. Marie Fisher says:

    I would def be interested in trying some oddities like pickled peaches. (As my stomach doesn't like much acid, I would have to choose carefully.) And as far as shipping goes, I'm patient. I hear that pickles keep.

  4. countingchickens says:

    Could you sell pickles at the farmer's market to get an idea of how much pickle interest there is locally and then expand from there? It might be a way to dip a toe in. On the other hand, you might already be doing that!

  5. Becky says:

    Getting in at the market is tough. And quite frankly, I don't have it in my schedule to spend a few hours down there on Saturday mornings at this stage in my life. I would also have to be fully certified and legal to sell at market. The subscription idea I have would take away the guesswork (and costs!) of how much product to have, while allowing me to work out some of the kinks. In time, I could try for a spot at market, but there's a whole lot of work that needs to happen between now & then.

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