Pickled Peach Pound Cake.

I am frequently asked what I do with all the pickles I make.  Some we eat.  Some are shared as gifts with friends and family.  And some get used for things like pound cake.   Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Pickled peaches have essentially the same texture as canned peaches, but as they are infused with ginger, cinnamon, sugar and vinegar, they have a bit of a spice & tang. Which is precisely why I thought they would pair beautifully with the rich, buttery sweetness of pound cake.  And they do.

Not that most of you have pickled peaches on hand, nor will peaches even be in season for pickling anytime soon.  But in case you, like myself, are sort of over February to the point that you’ve turned the calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen over to March already, then you are probably starting to think about peach season and pickling said peaches and the possibilities of enjoying those pickles in various ways all year through.  Because really, nothing says February like a pickled peach pound cake

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