Girl Power.

I’ve had my Girl Scout troop working on a small business badge in which they’ve learned about starting a business.  This week we had a panel of guest speakers,  Martha Stafford of The Charlottesville Cooking School, Robyn Jackson of The Civility School and Alana Woerpel of Alana’s Interior Decoration come talk to the girls about their experiences in being self employed.  Most of the girls already know them as mothers of friends and classmates, but I think they saw them in a new light at our roundtable discussion.  It was a great meeting and it wasn’t until halfway through that at least one of the girls (mine of course), realized my ulterior motive in working on this badge.  (I’m not sure anyone minded though.)  They had empowering things to say to the girls,  telling them that by nature, women multi-task and so therefore are perfectly suited to running their own business, among other things.   They all started by working from home, and in this, I realized I have an advantage in Pat working from home most days.  The three of them talked about how when you work from home, you tend to miss officemates to bounce ideas off of (and just chat with!).   While being home with your significant other all day every day can have it’s challenges, there are some pluses, and we certainly bounce ideas off each other.  Poor guy has to taste test everything for me and make sure I put enough salt in.  (I always seem to forget the salt.)

My troop can at times, be a wild pack, but I have to say, they sat there and listened for the better part of an hour, with their fidgeting kept to a minimum.  If you had seen them just a few weeks ago, you’d understand what a feat this is.  Last year Mrs. Jackson helped us earn our Manners badge, so I credit her presence with their good behavior.  She really rubs off on them.  (Don’t you want to come help with my troop every other week Robyn?)  I got great feedback from the moms who dropped in for the meeting, as well as moms that let me know afterwards how much the girls got out of our working on that badge.  Some of the girls even let me know, they are ready to take that knowledge and make it happen – can’t we please start our businesses?  I know if I let them loose, they will do it too.   I’ve not yet told them the timing of the food drive I’ve committed them to, which is the same time one of them wants to do a market, over the holidays.   I somehow suspect some of them might actually be able to do both, but I may drive their parents crazy in the process…. a compromise may be in order, with their market to be in the spring perhaps?

I love my girl scouts.  Some weeks, yes, I cannot wait to get home and have a glass of wine and decompress from our meetings (There was the time that not only did I forget to drop someone at their house, but I neglected to even shut my car door, in my rush to get home and have a nice glass of wine.)  Some weeks I’m pretty sure none of them regard a word that comes out of my mouth.  But then we have weeks like this past one, where they hug me goodbye and let me know how much I’ve inspired them.  And it makes all the other weeks worth it. 

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