Better than it looks.

My kitchen just does not have light conducive to taking fantastic food pictures.  No room of my house does really.  I suppose if I had something other than just a fancy looking point and shoot, I’d be fine.  Or if I would take the time to photoshop my pictures.  But, I’m lazy and quite happy with my camera otherwise, so you will just have to take my word for it that the above brunch dish really looked and tasted better in person.  (I did do a nice job of capturing the actual hotness of the dish with the steam though, don’t you think?)
Since we had a 3 day weekend, I thought I’d step up and make brunch one morning.  I found this recipe for Mexican Baked Eggs on Closet Cooking and made it a few weeks back, to much applause.  I was told to ‘keep that recipe’, so I thought I’d roll it back out and use up some of the really ugly looking tomatoes I keep picking that are quick to go downhill as they sit on my counter. 
It’s quick, easy and yummy.  My favorite kind of recipe. I had some goat cheese lying around I threw in and then topped it all with Jack cheese. I also used this smoked salt I picked up at Whole Foods the other day, as well as served it on a bed of grits, just to add some umph to it.  The smoked salt definitely added a nice flavor to the beans, made them a bit meaty.   It was a good, hearty breakfast and one we will definitely be having again.  I’m thinking next time I might try serving it on tortillas.  Good thing I put up an extra case of tomatoes this summer – we’re going to need it, as this recipe is going next to chocolate waffles in the “feel like cooking on Sunday morning” rotation.

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