If you know me at all, you know I have a tendency to can or freeze everything in sight.  You know I’m pretty devoted to knowing where our food comes from. When I first heard about these food swaps going on around the country, I thought, oh cool.  Someone should organize one here, because I’d like to check one out.   And then my friend Vikki emailed me and said WE should it. 

That does make sense.  I mean, I do have a tendency do that sort of thing too.  Like start a knitting group, a girl scout troop for my daughter and her friends, the list could go on….. 

So, we got together and brainstormed where to have this thing.  I talked to a few folks and found a space for us to use, The Garage, and we came up with a name, Cville Swaps.  We have a Facebook Page and I’ve created a page on this blog for it.  (See it up there across the top?  I’m pretty impressed with myself for figuring that out.).  We plan on holding our first event on Sunday, November 13, from 2-4 pm.  Everyone is invited, so if you are in the area and interested, please let us know!

All manner of items that you make, grow and forage for are acceptable to swap.  The lists I’ve read around the web are pretty cool.  I might borrow Edie’s body scrub recipe and make some of that to swap.  I’m also thinking some of my watermelon rind pickles would be a good swap.  I’ve thought about bringing some Amish Friendship Bread starter too.  Ever since I found out I could freeze it and always have it on hand and seen all those recipes on their website, I’ve been a happy girl.  I’ve made the orange cranberry muffins, the triple chocolate muffins, the double chocolate muffins, and the pumpkin spice ones.  Mmm.  Oh, sorry.  I’ve wandered off topic….

So, Sunday, November 13.  See you there?

Update – I created a blog just for the swap.  I’ll have some things about it on here as well, but look on the Cville Swaps blog for more updates.

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