Adventures of the local sort.

Sunday we went to the Fall Fiber Festival up at Montpelier.   Every year, Edie likes to sit and watch the sheepdog trials (I think she’s waiting for Babe, the sheep pig to show up.  Sort of like Linus and the Great Pumpkin.We even watched Babe Saturday night as a warm up).  This year, a knitting friend told me she had signed her daughters up for a felting workshop, so I signed Edie & a friend up, and we had TWO child free hours left to wander.  It was quite glorious. 
I swore I was not adding to my stash, and I did pretty good with that.  I fell in love with some recycled silk yarn that was yummy orange, but as I already have a scarf I knit myself out of recycled silk yarn, I passed.  I found some equally yummy orange bamboo yarn for a third of the price, so I grabbed a few balls of that instead.  I really feel the need for a new orange scarf.  I also got some ideas to use up the stash I have acquired – mostly through friends sharing theirs, as I do not need a yarn stash.  I have quite the fabric stash and we simply do not have room for it all.  Pictures of all that to come, as I came home and started some new projects last night. 

After they finished their workshop (I have not yet been allowed to photograph her finished product. Someone is practicing hard to be a teenager these days.), we had lunch and watched a wee bit of the sheepdog trials.  It was cold, damp and windy, so we didn’t stay too long.  Babe, the sheep pig, did not make an appearance.  There’s always next year, right?

Today I headed out to Virginia Wineworks for a tour, in the name of research for my monthly column, Beneath the Cork  for In the Kitchen Magazine.  (The October issue is up – you should definitely go check it out!).  Philip Stafford was kind enough to spend some time with me, showing me around.  I got to see some of their brand spanking new packaging equipment and definitely got inspired for more than a few articles to come.  Thank you Philip for taking time for me today.  If you have the chance to go hang out at a winery during harvest, I highly recommend it.   I don’t want to give too much away from the articles I plan on writing from today’s visit, but they are doing some really great stuff for the entire Virginia wine industry down there at Virginia Wineworks.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I love to drink local as much as I love to eat local. Should I ever get inspired to plant my own grapes, I am definitely taking them to those guys to turn into some tasty wine.

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