Round tuit.

name 048I finally got around to trying some things that had long been on my want-to-do list – wine herb jelly and canning my fermented mini-gerkins.  I read in Joy of Pickling about hot water bath canning your fermented pickles and realized in the name of fridge space, I needed to do that before my fridge was overrun with jars of cute, mini-watermelon-like cukes. Continue reading

Wines I drank – The Sharing Edition.

One fine Saturday, I came home from dropping Edie off at a slumber party to discover our across the street neighbor Charles had wandered over with a lovely bottle of merlot in hand, to share with us.  It seems he had been given this bottle, and knowing it was a quality wine, immediately thought he had to skip across the street to share with me. Continue reading

On Tasting Notes (In The Kitchen Series)

Wines I drank.

From April 2011 through February 2012, I had a wine column in a local publication, In the Kitchen Magazine entitled “Beneath the Cork“.  It was a fun project and my first published work.  I have often said I’m going to repost all those articles here on my blog and thus far, have only done so with one, in June of last year.  I’m fixing that with this article, originally published in April of 2011.

The idea behind the column was that I write about wine simply, making it accessible to people who might like wine, but didn’t necessarily know all the wine speak.  It was the roots of my semi-infrequent wine posts that I do in this space.  For more of my wine writing, you can always take a glance at my Wine tab across the top of the page. 

I once tried a wine simply because on the back label, it told me that it had “classic notes of apple, pear and pineapple and a delightful hint of crème brûlée”.    That hint of crème brûlée captured my interest to the point that I had to try it, even if it was a varietal that I’m generally not a fan of.  It did indeed have that hint, so much so that I think we may have noticed it without the tasting notes, but it may have taken us longer to pin down exactly what it was we tasted.

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