It didn’t feel like I took 500 photos this past weekend, but when I got home and uploaded them from my camera, I discovered I had indeed taken very close to 500 photos.  They can pretty much be broken down by subject to…. Continue reading

The real deal.

When I first sat down to write my previous post on the cookbooks Abigail passed along, I intended to mention, but mostly skip over the fiestaware pieces in the box of goodies.  I’ve collected fiestaware for probably close to twenty years and we’ve used it as our every day ware since we were married, having received a good amount of it as wedding presents. Knowing this, Abigail thought I would enjoy having a few pieces that belonged to her grandmother.  In addition to a sugar bowl and creamer set in yellow, there was a sauce boat, large bowl and a large spoon in what we thought was orange. Being a fan of orange, I was quite excited about my new dishes.

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Life is what happens when you make other plans.*

DSCN4537It’s a known fact about my childhood that going to sleep in your own bed did not necessarily mean you were going to wake up there.  My parents were big fans of spontaneity and surprises.  As in, let’s put the kids in the car at 4 am and drive to so-and-so’s house to make breakfast.  Or let’s go surprise so-and-so at the beach.  Decide to head out on a camping trip at 8 in the evening?  Just par for the course. Continue reading