Celebrating Mollie

IMG_7293 (1024x683)My friend Mollie turned 40 last week and over the weekend, her husband Will threw her a party. Saturday afternoon, after Edie’s soccer game, we headed over to Urbanna to help her celebrate.  I’m not sure if the party was a surprise, but our showing up, along with Mollie’s friend Ro, definitely was.

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Scenes from a vacation.

We spent a few days last week down at Granny’s cabin at Smith Mountain Lake with our dear friends the Smileys.  There was lots of fishing, swimming, tubing, skiing, boating and photo taking of it all.  Walker, two, doesn’t quite swim yet (although he thinks he can) but he can water ski.  Why yes, it was sort of like watching a squirrel.  Pat caught sight of a big ole catfish hanging out under the boathouse and made it his mission to catch it, which he did Friday morning.  Every male in the house ran down to assist bringing it in, yelling for me to bring the camera.  It was a big deal. They now sell little tubs of peanut butter to put on your toes for the carp to suck it off down at Carp City.  Of course Edie and Abigail went for it.  Walker had me take a few hundred fish pictures, Will had me take a few hundred pictures of Walker water skiing and that’s at least part of how I ended up with over a thousand shots on my memory card from the trip. Mollie and I added clean-out-the-fridge nachos to our meal line up this time – definitely must remember to do that again. I averaged a book a day – nothing says vacation to me more than being able to sit and read for hours on end. The weather was absolutely lovely, with the hottest day being of course, the day we were packing up, which resulted in a last minute jump in the lake, then driving home with a bag full of wet bathing suits which promptly went into the washing machine and hung on the line to dry. It was a wonderful break – thanks to Will and Mollie for having us (and to Granny!).


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The real deal.

When I first sat down to write my previous post on the cookbooks Abigail passed along, I intended to mention, but mostly skip over the fiestaware pieces in the box of goodies.  I’ve collected fiestaware for probably close to twenty years and we’ve used it as our every day ware since we were married, having received a good amount of it as wedding presents. Knowing this, Abigail thought I would enjoy having a few pieces that belonged to her grandmother.  In addition to a sugar bowl and creamer set in yellow, there was a sauce boat, large bowl and a large spoon in what we thought was orange. Being a fan of orange, I was quite excited about my new dishes.

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