Report from Snuggle Acres.

Our friend Mollie left for India 8 am last Thursday morning as one of the faculty chaperones on an immersion trip for Christchurch School. Our initial plan for the weekend was to head over to Urbanna Saturday afternoon to give Will a hand with the kids Saturday evening and Sunday, but Thursday’s storm threw our plans out of whack.

I got up Friday morning and after shoveling us out, decided to grab my camera and go for a walk.  The sky was this beautiful blue, the world outside was bright and shimmering, with the glow of snow and the sparkle of ice.

While wandering, I popped in for a cup of tea with Amy and upon my return home, Pat greeted me with the news that he had just gotten off the phone with Will and why don’t we just head over there today? The storm which had caused school to be cancelled had also cancelled the children’s various activities that were responsible for us not being able to leave here until Saturday afternoon.  Realizing their entire weekend had cleared itself, the bromance had no impediments to their togetherness. So we packed up and hit the road a day early.

Saturday morning we amused ourselves by going to the library – Edie and Owen found a forensics book that kept the two of them entertained most of the weekend. Abigail asked if it was cool or if it was creepy, to which they answered in unison, “both”.  Walker wanted to pick out his own clothes, so of course I let him, resulting in him wearing stripes and stripes before having to swap out to pajama bottoms.  (Thursday’s snow and ice were Saturday’s mud.) I love the fashion sense of toddlers.
Saturday afternoon, while Walker was napping, (Big) Abigail came for a visit so we could meet Wade.

I’m totally in love.

Abigail pointed out there was a daffodil blooming by the driveway, so I had to go capture it and pick it of course.

Story time.

We made pizzas for Saturday night dinner – pepperoni, bbq chicken, chicken pesto sausage, onion and fresh mozzarella and a cheese pizza.  Edie read bedtime stories and everyone got to bed at a decent hour.

Sunday, we went over to see Dave and Abigail’s new place on campus while the kids ran around outside, soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.  We had some of Teal’s birthday cake, chatted on the phone with Mollie, who had finally arrived at her final destination of the week (after leaving Thursday morning!) before heading back to Will and Mollie’s house to laze about the yard. Walker put on Owen’s sunglasses, declaring “I look Awesome” to Edie while they watched Owen shoot his BB gun.  We finally headed home late in the afternoon, with Walker running down the driveway as we pulled away yelling “I LOVE YOU” at our car, which pretty much made our weekend. Although the rainbows in the clouds we saw on the ride home were a close second.

And so that’s the report from Urbanna.  I promised Mollie I’d let her know how her gang was doing and Will is doing a great job of keeping up with the house, laundry and the kids.  There were plenty of snuggles this weekend between all of us and while Walker might be taking advantage of his mother being gone by wearing pajama bottoms every chance he gets, everything else is pretty normal.  We’re following the Christchurch gang along on their blog and can’t wait to hear all about it from Mollie upon her return!

10 thoughts on “Report from Snuggle Acres.

  1. Carla Brumfield says:

    Love, love, love your report on our Urbanna gang… Miss them all. Thanks for giving them a lovely weekend. XO

    • Becky says:

      We had a blast. Walker got lots and lots of snuggles – as did Owen and Abigail. I really adore the new painting in Abigail’s room of the miniature horses! The colors are fantastic! xo

  2. Marie Fisher says:

    Yum, snow-covered magnolia, baby time, and the great pacifier/sunglasses combo; your photography skills are fantastic. Come and take some pictures of my grandson before he’s full-grown, ok?

    • Becky says:

      I know, right? But after visiting baby and toddler land this weekend, I realized I’m quite happy to be able to visit and not live there anymore.

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