This is what our yard looked like a week ago:

That tiny spec of red under the dogwood?  That would be Garden Gnome, who looked like this yesterday:

IMG_9555 (683x1024)What a difference a week makes. The snow has (mostly) melted and the early spring flowers are starting to bloom.

I did some wandering around with my camera yesterday afternoon and again this morning, checking on my various beds, making plans for what’s getting thinned, what’s getting moved and what needs attention.

The hellebores are up and while it’s still early for most signs of life out there, there are some.  I saw evidence of day lilies, hostas and these:

the variegated sedum from Henry’s garden – both in the yard AND in the pot on the front porch – coming back. That tiniest little spot of green in the shot on the left would be the one in my side of the road garden.  I’m quite pleased with that little bit of gardening success.  Here’s hoping the garden success continues this year.  The season is young, but I did plant a row of arugula this morning -it felt good to get my hands dirty. Oh how I’ve missed digging in the dirt!

6 thoughts on “Awakenings.

  1. kristygardner says:

    Becky I think the best part about digging in the dirt is the SMELL of it. I love the smell of fresh dirt. It’s like home, ya know? And I guess it kind of is in a gruesome, creepy kind of death way. But I love it. Welcome Spring!!!

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