January Adventure.

I woke up Sunday morning a week ago to a message from Andrea, inviting me to come out to Northern California and go to a concert with her the following Monday.  I immediately thought of at least a dozen sound, responsible adult-type reasons as to why I shouldn’t just take off to the other side of the country at a moment’s notice, particularly the third week in January, which also pointed out exactly why I should drop everything and go. Continue reading

Books (so far) of 2016


This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but isn’t it a rather lovely shot of a hellebore from my garden?

Inspired by all of you who keep track of what you read (and manage to share it on the interwebs), I thought I might give keeping track of what I read in a year a try. It’s February and already I feel like I’m not doing so good at that, although I did manage to make a list the other day. However, given my tendency to have lists stuck all over the house on random scraps of paper as well as my complete ability to read a book and then either completely forget I’ve read it OR remember the book itself but forget the name and the author, I’m decided I’m going to try and keep track here.  According to what I remember, this is what I’ve read thus far this year: Continue reading

Spring Insanity

It has been an absolute whirlwind here lately.  I mean, really.  Yesterday was our first unscheduled day in at least two weeks, which is slightly misleading because by ‘unscheduled’ I mean, we’ve got loads of things to do, we just didn’t have any solid commitments before we hopped back on that busy bus  for the next few weeks.

Continue reading

Really very random.

IMG_9031 (1024x683)I’m getting over a nasty little bug going around that a friend of mine described as making you feel as if you got punched in the gut.  Personally, I think it felt more like I did way too many crunches at the gym and therefore I am hopeful that when I am finally at 100%, I am going to wake up to discover fabulous six-pack abs as a result.

A girl can dream, can’t she? Continue reading

All that, with shooting stars and rainbows.

IMG_4656There was this music festival down the road in Nelson County called Lockn’ this past weekend. Across the street from where the festival is held is a church, Trinity Episcopal.  A small but rather sweet church, they host Sober Lockn’ as well as Waterlockn‘, embracing the festival as their neighbor. Pat’s employer, James River Association,  was assisting with Waterlockn’, which offered rides to a private, local swimming hole on the Tye River, just a few minutes away from the festival site, with proceeds benefitting Kid Care.  (The Tye is a tributary of the James River.) Continue reading