Really very random.

IMG_9031 (1024x683)I’m getting over a nasty little bug going around that a friend of mine described as making you feel as if you got punched in the gut.  Personally, I think it felt more like I did way too many crunches at the gym and therefore I am hopeful that when I am finally at 100%, I am going to wake up to discover fabulous six-pack abs as a result.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Is it just me or does having a fever make all the dirt in your house suddenly appear and in 3D while it’s at it? None of it seems to be as bad today as it was the other day, but the laundry, that pile was real.  Also, very understated because stripping the bed of all winter coverings is a good three loads, easily and that’s with my beloved front loader that can handle twenty-something towels at once.  Yes, I’ve counted.

One good thing about being sick, I finally found the time to laze around all day and watch The Wire, which I missed the first time around, seeing how it came out during what I call the early Edie years – back when it was all I could do to get through the day, get her in bed and then collapse exhausted into a chair and fall asleep myself.  Not that those days were much different from these days, only then, we were one-on-one all day with no nap (she gave them up at three months because she was sleeping through the night so well, so I really can’t complain) and now, we have the big yellow angel that takes her away.  Ah, bliss.

Of recent excitement around here is that we finally watched Color Me Obsessed, aka The Replacements movie.  We actually rented it, only to discover later you can watch it on YouTube for free.  That’s okay, because we’ll be watching it again, sort of like Birdman.  I’m a huge ‘Mats fan – my default Pandora station is The Replacements – and I freely admit, there was an even bigger than usual binge on listening to them after watching this. I hear that’s a common reaction.

My binge listening of the ‘Mats has only been interrupted by the latest track release by Modest Mouse.  I love, love, love Modest Mouse – I saw them last spring in Richmond and it was a kick-ass show.  Very satisfying on many levels, even if they do have a tendency to play Dashboard too early every time I’ve seen them.  (A word of warning to those readers who like to click on all the links – this is not a band that is for everyone.  They are loud (and should be played as loudly as possible) and noisy and there is much language.)

In other music news, I’m totally looking forward to the release of the Kim Gordon book later this month. There are some great excerpts out there if you want a sneak peak. A complete music geek, I have a thing for memoirs penned by musicians.  I recently finished the Billy Idol book “Dancing with Myself” and highly enjoyed it. I totally stumbled upon it at the library recently, having forgotten I’d read a decent review of it in the Sunday Times book review section (my whole reason for getting the New York Times if you must know) and had it on my “list”. Clearly I need to spend some time going through the mess that currently stands in for my ‘to read list’.  For the interested, it is photos of covers I see that strike my fancy, folded down corners of pages in saved Sunday book reviews stacked in a corner and notes scribbled around the house.  Very organized indeed.

Other random amusements of late – the Fashion Dads on instagram.  I find them on fleek as the kids say.  Also, hilarious.

In case you noticed there was no talk of food in this post, that’s because this little bug has definitely squashed any interest in any food beyond plain baked potatoes and popcorn.  Although I’ll admit to taking a quick peek at the chapter on invalid foods in my Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, but because it led with beef bone broths, I quickly shut it. Even that is just a little too much for me right now (Not that I’m complaining about the instant diet plan that is going to result in magically transformed abs).  When Teresa was visiting at Christmas and got a load of the actual cookbook, she felt I did not do it justice in this post and strongly suggested I revisit.  So maybe I might.

(The sunrise shot has nothing to do with anything, but it was one of the few non-food images I’ve taken lately.  Talk about random!)

4 thoughts on “Really very random.

  1. melissawest says:

    I have to check out the fashion dads.
    I hope you’re on the mend for real with no relapse. That sounds like miserable sickness, but at least you were kept entertained.

    • Becky says:

      I was out flat for a few days, but it took me a solid week to feel normal again. I think we decided after ‘temporarily’ moving the roku upstairs, both TV’s need one.

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