Something in the Water.

We headed east this weekend-  Edie and friends wanted to go to Something In The Water – a music festival being put together by Pharrell in Virginia Beach, which gave me an excellent excuse to visit with one of my college girlfriends, Sheilah and her husband Rob and family.

Friday’s weather with it’s 60 mile an hour wind gusts caused that day’s show to cancel, which was a huge disappointment, but the weather the rest of the weekend could not have been more perfect. The girls had blown off their junior prom for this festival and any second thoughts on that were definitely removed by the time they found themselves in the VIP section Saturday night for Pharrell and Friends performance (featuring Snoop, P Diddy, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z among others). And having their own space to chill at Rob & Sheilah’s in the form of the pop-up camper in the back yard made the weekend complete.

With the girls off at the festival most of Saturday and Sunday, Sheilah and I spent quality time together that included, but was not limited to: grocery stores during power outages, adult beverages at beachfront bars,  fabulous cheese plates with wine on the porch of the Cavalier hotel and adventures in attempting to schelp girls back and forth from a music festival with dead cell phone batteries, no predetermined meeting point and road closures in which Sheilah and I played the mom card hard.  (Thank you kindly to the Virginia Beach Police force who both directed the girls to the right spot AND let them borrow a cell phone. Bless you.) I may have briefly interrupted an incident at a 7-11 Saturday night about 1:30 am with just my presence. There were also naps and movies and lounging of the likes that I don’t often enjoy and for that, Sheilah’s husband Rob gets a huge shout out. They weren’t just the hosts with the most, they were instant co-parents in all the best ways.

We pulled out of their driveway at 6 pm Sunday evening, arriving in Charlottesville at 8:54, just in time for Game of Thrones (mama has her priorities and OMIGOD, Arya!). I forget what an easy drive that is until I make it, so of course I’m already plotting an return visit.

One thought on “Something in the Water.

  1. suzicate says:

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t in town and available to hang out with you…would have been a blast! So glad you all enjoyed the weekend!

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