Titles are my weakness.

As I attempt to break through the wall of writer’s bloc fortified with real life, here’s a few topics I’ve either threatened to write about,  have actually put words down, only to be completely dissatisfied with them OR had it kindly suggested by friends that I should write about. In no particular order:

  • Roasted Veggies – I know I’ve mentioned this over on Instagram recently. At least few nights a week, dinner revolves around a pan of roasted veggies that end up on the table in a variety of ways. Although maybe I wrote about this around this time last year? I should find the time to get this site updated and better organized. Or find an intern. How does one go about finding an intern anyway?
  • My Daily Walk – you know, the one I take with the dog that I wasn’t going to get or have anything to do with? I mean, if I’m already managing an Instagram account for the dog, mentioning her on Twitter (because Beagle Twitter is the only reason to be on Twitter) frequently, why not just start blogging about her too? The more I think about it though, I think our daily walk adventures may be best written as a series of children’s books although we’d have to change the number of happy hour visits we have to tea parties or something more appropriate for children.
  • Adventures in Gardening – I feel like I have more time for gardening since I’m not writing a monthly Home & Garden column so I’m experimenting with having a cold frame this season. So far, I can report that you have to remember to open it on warm days so the plants don’t burn and you have to remember to water the plants. I’m really not the sort of gardener that nurtures like that – I far prefer things like Virginia Bluebells, which I can report are starting to spread out over the back yard.
  • Other recent adventures including helping out during kidding season at my friend Gail’s goat farm (having a bad day? Go feed some baby goats. It will cure all.) and the daily phenomenon of a rainbow that appears on my kitchen counter next to the sink about 5 pm every marginally sunny day. It comes and goes quickly, shape shifting as the light moves, which fascinates me to no end. I haven’t quite figured out which piece of glass on the window sill is causing this, so I’ve taken the precaution of not cleaning the sill so as to not disturb my daily bit of magic. At least, that’s my excuse this week.

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