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Confession: I put my go-to recipes here so that I can always pull them up on my phone when I need them. That way, instead of having a bazillion bookmarks, I have one, with all my favorite links here. Genius, right? I think so too.

Which is what leads me to this post. Really, it’s just a bunch of links with my notes on how I make them, because as we all know, I’m a lazy food blogger. Which also means I have zero photos of any of these. I also don’t necessarily want to take credit for the origin of these recipes nor do I really feel like writing several different posts blathering on about well, whatever it is real food bloggers talk about. And so, with no further ado, here’s a few of my current favorite dishes that are on rotation as we move from winter to spring produce. You might notice there’s a lot of greens involved because yes, we’ve gotten to the point of the year where Greens, it’s what’s for dinner. I’ve got a slew of kale, collards and arugula in the garden currently, some planted earlier this year that are ready to land on the table and some that over-wintered and are still going strong.

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Mid-August Garden Update.

The squirrels are beating us to the tomatoes this year – Daisy hasn’t yet found her voice to scare them away as well as Betsy beagle did, but considering how far she’s come in every other way, we’ll overlook it. Without a beagle chasing unwanted visitors off, it’s become wildlife central out there, with rabbits keeping the sweet potato greens from running outside of their raised bed and an entire charm of hummingbirds fluttering about all day, stopping to rest on top of the cages around the pepper plants. The hummingbirds are next to impossible to capture with a camera but of course that doesn’t stop me from trying. All of the animals seem to be getting quite comfortable with us out there, which I suppose has its pluses and minuses.

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Methods of Procrastination

I had a fall gardening article due and somewhere between feeling inspired to write before everyone else got out of bed and actually sitting down with my laptop Sunday morning, the feeling disappeared. I suspect it was in the middle of getting another cup of coffee and actually walking up the stairs to grab the laptop.

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Confessions from the Garden.

I like to leave my flower beds alone until the ground starts warming up at some point in April – that way the bugs can enjoy the shelter of last year’s detritus while also letting this year’s early blooming weeds feed the pollinators in early spring. But I may have taken it a little too far.

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He’s crafty.

We’ve been plotting this year’s garden expansion since last year. I say ‘we’ in the royal way of course. This year’s spring garden expansion is entirely my husband. From the newly built raised beds to the new strawberry barrel and the garden markers – he’s been a very busy fellow.

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Quarantine Yard Projects.

We weren’t really planning on expanding the garden this year, even though we’ve done so the last two, because we thought we’d be busy with end of the school year senior year activities, but as it turns out, all this time at home has led to some new projects.

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Really being the gardener I write about being.

For the first time ever, I got a proper spring garden planted. I’m not at all sure why I’ve never been able to accomplish this in all my years gardening. Despite the fact that I get paid to offer unsolicited gardening advice to complete strangers in a some pretty magazines, I really am sort of a half ass lazy gardener. I am death to houseplants. I stick to perennials in my yard because once they are established, I don’t need to do anything for them on a regular basis. It’s a tough love style of gardening, where plants just have to get themselves established by mid-July, because that’s when I kinda start forgetting to water. Pat will catch up the slack on the vegetable garden and thankfully, begonias and geraniums do well with my summer neglect, so for all outward appearances, I pull off looking like a competent gardener. But, to be completely honest, I’m really not at all the gardener I write about being. When people have me to their gardens and want to talk gardening with me, I have to admit the only flower names I know are the ones I like and/or grow well. And vegetables? I stick to greens I know I do well (arugula) and things anyone can grow, like peppers. Growing okra and field peas last year was a bit step outside of my garden comfort zone.

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Titles are my weakness.

As I attempt to break through the wall of writer’s bloc fortified with real life, here’s a few topics I’ve either threatened to write about,  have actually put words down, only to be completely dissatisfied with them OR had it kindly suggested by friends that I should write about. In no particular order: Continue reading