Quarantine Yard Projects.

We weren’t really planning on expanding the garden this year, even though we’ve done so the last two, because we thought we’d be busy with end of the school year senior year activities, but as it turns out, all this time at home has led to some new projects.

I happened to have some loufah seeds that came out of one I bought from my friend Amanda last fall. I wrote an article about squash last summer and along the way learned that loufah, harvested early enough, is edible, so of course I wanted to try it. And then somehow, Pat got really involved and very excited about the idea of growing loufahs and decided that since they need something to climb, we’d need a new climbing structure for them and I don’t think it’s related to the new neighborhood trend of everyone building teepees in the yard for their kids, but we now have one very tall structure that is definitely going to grow more than just loufahs.

And then he discovered Chip Drop. Apparently you can request a free wood mulch delivery. We had ours within 2 hours. It’s not always that fast – we totally lucked out – but so now that there is a huge pile of mulch and a new garden structure and the tiki hut is under renovation – wait, did I mention that? Yeah, Pat’s started retooling Edie’s old playhouse he made out of bamboo. We may be rearranging the entire yard right now, I’m not really sure.

Meanwhile, in the existing garden that I planted in early March:

Baby broccoli. And cauliflower.

And the fava beans and English peas are blooming!

We have officially reached the point where there are fresh greens for dinner from the garden every night of the week. The greens are in various states of existence: from totally going to seed to starting to bolt to being fresh, tender baby greens. There’s still a few rows that aren’t quite big enough to eat yet and then there’s that sad row of swiss chard that Betsy seems to have some sort of personal affront with because she insists on laying on it every chance she gets.

In addition to all my other garden successes, I seem to finally had some luck in growing romaine lettuce this year, but I could not tell you how I did it. I planted the seeds last fall, only to have them do nothing. And then while harvesting some arugula for dinner recently, I discovered the romaine had indeed popped up! There is a homegrown Caesar salad using an egg from Brian’s chickens in our near future that I am ridiculously excited about.

I haven’t yet planted any of my summer veggies yet – still figuring out exactly how I’m going to transition from a spring to a summer garden with everything in there, although I do have some ideas how I’m going to approach it. The weather has been quite cool, so I still have at least a little bit of time before planting anything. In the meantime, I’ve also started rearranging some flower beds and planning some more raised beds to go into the vegetable garden area – I’d hate to see Pat run out of things to build anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “Quarantine Yard Projects.

  1. melissa says:

    That’s fantastic about your Romaine! Maybe it needed some cold weather to get kicking?
    CHIP DROP! I wish we had that here–what a fabulous service!
    Your yard is looking super.

  2. Aileen says:

    Your garden looks great! I dropped the ball, once again. Maybe I can manage to get a fall garden together…

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