Random musings.

Ideas for things I keep saying I’m going to get around to writing:
-A manual for eating locally and seasonably.
-A cookbook based on repurposing leftovers and ideas for cheap, easy pantry meals.
-Stories about our neighborhood and the characters that live here.
-An essay on my cookbook collection.
-An entire book on my cookbook collection, with essays focusing on individual cookbooks and what I like about them.
-Betty Crocker: An origin story, which of course, will get optioned into a movie.
-A book on cooking with kids based on my experiences working with them over the last 6 years after school.
-Making sense of Pat’s Grandma Kilgo’s handwritten recipes and publishing them as a family heirloom.
-Compiling recipes from my side of the family as a companion volume to the Kilgo version for Edie.
-An outline for turning the great poinsettia sale into a movie where the sale gets turned inside out and we’ll just leave it right there for now…hilarity and hi-jinks will ensue of course.
-A pickle book, obviously.
-An ode to cake.
-Regular updates about my garden progress on the blog, not just Instagram.
-All about Hellebores.
-All about Peonies.
-A compilation of all the great opening lines I come up with.
-Expanding upon and writing the pieces that go with the great opening lines I come up with.

Things I keep saying I’m going to do:
-Clean the house.
-Catch up all the laundry and have it stay caught up.
-Reupholster all the furniture.
-Okay, maybe just reupholster that one chair. Okay, two chairs.
-Maybe just make slipcovers instead of reupholstering.
-Rearrange the house so that the living room is a cozy library.
-Create a retreat where I can write whenever I want. A small she-shed perhaps, with a wood burning stove in the back yard. Maybe not too dissimilar to Charles’ wood shop, but smaller.
-Cook my way through some of the cookbooks in my collection. Okay, at least one of them.
-Purge the entire house.
-Sew myself a whole new wardrobe with a focus on muumuus and smock aprons.
-Make patterns out of a few articles of clothing I really like right now so that I have a uniform of sorts.
-Knit everyone sweaters. Okay, vests. Okay, shawls. Okay, maybe just knit myself a new shawl.
-Swear off cake for breakfast.
-Have dinner ready at the actual dinner hour.

What I actually write:
-Lists of things I’m going to write.
-Lists of things I’m going to do.
-Grocery lists.
-To-do lists of things I actually NEED to do.
-A diary of what we eat for dinner every night.
-Lists of produce in the fridge that needs to have something happen to it.

What I actually do:
-Walk around the garden and pull the occasional weed.
-Sew a button on a shirt from the mending pile and consider it progress.
-Locate the vacuum cleaner, think about using it, then realize Pat is on a zoom call and I can’t vacuum right now. The urge leaves for another 24 hours.
-Sit and stare at my computer screen, then fall down internet rabbit holes or maybe just social media, instead of writing.
-Frantically knock out the to-do list of what I can accomplish between 4 and 6 every afternoon so that I can have happy hour and make dinner and say I did something with myself today.
-Make pickles.

4 thoughts on “Random musings.

    • Becky says:

      Thank you! I’ve been better about that productivity this week with it being fruit picking season here, but I still have a ways to go.

  1. Melissa says:

    Your list of projects sounds so interesting, though! I ‘d read at last 2/3 of that list you want to write! But I 100% know what you mean about the apathy and lethargy. It takes a LOT for me to get motivated lately. I really hope things turn around now that the school year is over. Teaching online sucked every ounce of creativity and effort out of my veins…and brain.

  2. Teresa says:

    You know I always want to comment — well finally, I am! Your list made me simultaneously laugh while saying, “Yes, write that!!” That tells me you should be getting on top of some of those writing projects. I’m also pretty interested in seeing that new wardrobe of muumuus…but for Sophia’s sake, please don’t swear off serving cake for breakfast.

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