Random Babble.

It’s officially March and the front yard looks like this:


Mostly dreary, but with crocus in bloom.

Although currently snow is coming down, as March only happened on Tuesday and we are clearly not far enough away from February for winter to not be here anymore.

I’ve really got nothing much to blog about – I’ve turned in something like 5 free lance articles in the last few weeks – the first of which landed in Charlottesville this week. (Take a look at it here.) And the spring real estate market is underway, which means work is a little busy – our firm has had a slew of new listings hit the market recently and a good bit of my job is to write up the listings, edit the photos and handle marketing, including social media, so when I finish with all that, I don’t necessarily feel like editing photos and writing things for this space. We spent a good bit of February being sick – some nasty flu-like cold that became sinus infections for all of us and then lingered for weeks, which resulted in us eating chicken noodle soup (or some variation thereof) for just about every meal for the better part of at least two weeks, with the exception being soup Jody brought us, including a quart of still warm homemade miso soup at lunchtime one day when Edie and I were home sick (Pat was working out of town) while I had been laying there wishing someone would just bring me soup. Turns out, dreams do come true and thankfully, we’re feeling better and I’ve mixed up the dinner game again with things like Pad Thai and eggrolls (although not at the same meal).  I’ve not made any discernible progress on any projects of note, but I did realize the importance of writing down the books I’ve read, as about halfway through a book last weekend, I began to have the sneaking suspicion I’d already read it. Hmm. I’ve also managed to break or lose one pair of sunglasses and three pairs of readers in the last week. I feel like this point of the year – the last dregs of winter, just before spring arrives on the scene, is similar to the dog days of summer. Unlike the dog days of summer, these days of winter don’t have a name, although they clearly need one, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Random Babble.

  1. melissawest says:

    Glad you are feeling better! Your meals sound really good and make me feel hungry.
    Your crocuses (croci?) are a pretty spot.

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