That was a good week.

Thanks everyone, for all the love for last week’s posts.  Last Monday was most certainly a very good day, for when I had gotten home from that estate sale, in my inbox was the notification that my long awaited piece in Women we Love was going to run on Wednesday.  As if that wasn’t enough, there was also an email saying that Bingo Night that I had put together at school the previous Friday was the biggest Bingo Night our PTO had ever had, with a record breaking fundraising total.  I was feeling pretty darn tooting proud of myself.

This Monday was a little different, as I woke up to discover we were out of coffee.  Oh well.

I got a good number of congrats on the success of my business with the “Women We Love” piece and while I am thankful for the good wishes, to be perfectly honest, the business still has quite a ways to go.  There are certifications and licenses to be had and recipes, packaging and delivery methods to be perfected…’s a little overwhelming at times.  And always, that little voice in the back of my head asking,  am I really up to this?  Learning to shut that voice up is a job in itself.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where the road takes me.  

After months of ignoring invites,  I finally joined Pinterest this morning.  I keep hearing it’s a time suck and I really do not need any more of that, but I’m hoping it will help organize all these recipe links I keep saving in various folders on my computer.   Perhaps a little bit of method to the madness?  One can only hope.

I think I might make these for my Valentines this year.  Last year I made them in full size muffin cups and they were downright decadent.  I’m going to go for mini muffin tins this year, so we can eat them in one pop.   We do celebrate Valentine’s around here, maybe not in a full blown chocolates, flowers & jewelry sort of way, but it is a special day for us. 

In the meantime though, there are bathrooms to be cleaned and floors to be mopped and I swear, laundry breeds while we are sleeping at night. Just when I think it’s caught up, I’m wrong.  Sigh.

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