That’s Edie’s Valentine this year, made with a few images she found on the internet, some Photoshop skills and Daddy’s iphone.  Personally, I think it turned out sort of brilliant, although I really didn’t know where she was going with it until I saw the finished product.  The greeting on the back was a simple “Happy Valentines Day”, in an Edwardian font.  She was quite specific about using that font.
Edie had a sleepover last weekend, so Pat & I took the opportunity to go to Beer Run for beers & nachos.  We don’t always make Valentines a big deal, but  it is special to us.  And I do love that we still celebrate with nachos and beer.  Although you’d think that after all these years, he wouldn’t be surprised at how I will eat nachos every chance I get.
Mostly what I like about Valentines Day is that it was an excuse for a boy to call a girl. And that girl still thinks that hearing his voice at the end of the day is the best way to end a day.  Every day.

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