That kind of weekend.

My Hellebore is glorious this year.   It only took 4 years to do so.  Gardening requires such patience that I really don’t have with anything else, but when I see things like this, it makes it all worthwhile.  If only I could apply that to other parts of my life.
It was the kind of gloriously beautiful spring weekend where everyone in the neighborhood was outside and puttering on projects or just visiting.   Edie had a few friends over and they wandered through the back yards to play in Brian’s yard. 
How awesome is it that we live in a neighborhood where the kids can do that.  I’d want to go play in that yard too, wouldn’t you?
And lastly, it was the kind of weekend where neighbors wandered over after wrapping up their project to check on your project and we had gin & tonics to celebrate such a lovely, productive day.  I’m so happy it’s the time of year for those kinds of weekends again.  I missed them.

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