The highlights.

I have been cooking up a storm here lately.  It seems to be my creative bent these days. 


Roasted butternut squash, black bean, spinach, jack & goat cheese quesadillas with roasted tomatillo salsa and sour cream. (Squash & tomatillos from last summers garden!)
Fried tofu po-boys with homemade lemon tartar sauce.

French toast for breakfast from Irish Soda Bread.  Seriously good salads.  Jambalaya.  This weekend I’m thinking about rolling out a new brunch recipe I picked up recently. 
That’s the highlights from around here.   It keeps raining, winter is slowly fading into spring and none of my seeds have popped up in the 4 days they’ve been in dirt.  It seems like the only thing interesting to do around here is cook.

One thought on “The highlights.

  1. me says: pizza dough turned out horribly so, after all these years…I quit. The only thing that will be coming out of my oven are baked goods and even those will be limited. I am understanding my limitations…and the fact that I hate to cook. So I will live my food life through you!!!!

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