Sick Day.

Miss Thing has a cold and couldn’t quite bring herself to get out of bed, so I caved and let her stay home from school today. When she finally managed to get up, she kept herself busy working on her Ancient Greece project and I got some sewing projects caught up. You know, the ones that are so simple that just sit there for months on end? Like sewing a new button on Pat’s brown cords. Fixing the trim on that doll dress that been sitting there for ages. Finally fixing Edie’s stash of ‘big hankies’. And Mo’s skirt. I’ve had the last 5 days off work now and I swore I was going to start making Christmas presents. Laundry is almost caught up, I have started washing windows in my house (A serious procrastination move), the house, including both bathrooms, is relatively clean and I even scrubbed out the dishwasher this weekend. And, as of today, I have gotten the biggest pile blocking my way to starting holiday presents out of there.

So maybe when we get back this weekend, I’ll start on Christmas presents…. unless of course I think of something else that I need to do, like clean the chimney. No, that’s too crazy and ambitious even for me.

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