About Orange.

My living room is painted orange. Sherwin Williams ‘Exciting Orange’ to be precise. When we bought this house 11 years ago last June, it had been a rental for some time, which meant every room but one was painted white. And white did not work in the small living room, which is also how you enter the house. It also gets very little natural light as we have alot of old trees around the house and that room faces north. We lived here for 4 years before we found the right color, and honestly? Inspiration came after a pitcher of watermelon margaritas one afternoon.

When the painters did the swatch on the wall and left for the day, Pat took a look and questioned the choice. That man has never questioned any of my design choices for our house. I run everything by him and he approves without question. He did the same here, until….

I’ll admit. I was nervous about painting the first room you see when you enter our house orange. People thought it was my devotion to either Virginia football or Auburn football, because the adjacent hallway is a dark blue. (And neither shade is the proper PMS color for either school. Because I just happen to know these things.) No, I just wanted something that would grab the tiny bit of light that is in here and throw it around. I wanted it to flow with the spaces it opened up to, both upstairs and down. And I needed something to go with the purple velvet sofa I’d already acquired. I made a rash, gut decision over a pitcher of margs, and by golly, I was going to stick to it.

It turned out okay. So okay, that when people notice the color, they comment. Extensively.

I don’t think about it much. I carry an orange leather purse, that admittedly, is over the top, as it’s oversized and has what can only be described as fish scales on it. It’s fabulous and I never fail to get a comment on how great my purse is. A dear friend brought me back an orange cashmere scarf from Italy that I wear quite a bit. I love it more than most of the scarves I’ve knit for myself. I noticed I have a tendency to wear two scarves so that I can wear my orange one on top when I go out. A lady stopped me at Kmart the other day to tell me how good I looked in that scarf. She went on for a few minutes how orange really is my color.

When Edie was a toddler, she went through a phase where not only was orange her favorite color, she would only wear orange socks. I finally found them at Old Navy, in the little boys section, and I grabbed every pair in her size. She refused to wear shoes if she couldn’t have her orange socks. Had to be orange. It got to be a problem in January.

I’ve never really thought about how much I do love the color orange until recently. I’ve heard a friend describe me by my orange living room and wondered why that was a big deal. A mom friend came in yesterday to pick her daughter up from a playdate and even though she’s been here dozens of times before, even sat and drank wine with me in my orange living room, never noticed the color before and just went on about how great it was.

I noticed the other day as I took Edie to the bus stop that alot of the neighborhood trees were orange. Combined with the glow of the morning sun, the whole world seemed orange. I love orange, I feel it’s slightly underrated as a color. It’s cheerful, it’s original. My living room is the only room that doesn’t feel cold with those darn energy efficient CFI’s in my lamps, because orange can overcome anything.

Maybe that’s why my orange living room makes such an impression. It’s just proof of my originality.
Although if you ask, purple is still my favorite color. But orange is a very close second….

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