Dreams really do come true.

For years I have harbored this secret fantasy that one day in my thrifting adventures, I was going to stumble upon a beautiful, large, mint condition, nice rug for a completely unbelievable price, like $50. I had never actually mentioned this fantasy to anyone because I was worried that if I said it out loud, it would never happen and I was already pretty close to thinking it really might never happen. I have luck with thrifting, but that seemed like a whole new level of luck. Like, the thrifting gods would have to smile down upon me and shower me with serious love kind of luck.

Yesterday, that dream came true.

I just so happened to be at the shop when a guy came in unloading a van full of housegoods. He dumped the rug on the ground and it had a $50 price tag on it. Really? It literally landed at my feet. The other end of the rug had the label – I started getting excited seeing the name of the manufacturer and the fact that it was 100% wool. We unrolled it so I could check it all out and omigod I knew I could not pass this up.

The best part? As I was carrying it out of the store, a woman walking in stopped and offered she had purchased a similar rug 20 years ago, for thousands of dollars. !!!!!!
I’d say the thrifting gods definitely showered me with their love yesterday. Next up, I want a new round china butter dish, something floral please, (in pinks of course) and some cake stands. Something pretty and vintage looking. That’s reasonable, right? Certainly more reasonable than a really nice rug for $50.

4 thoughts on “Dreams really do come true.

  1. Savannah says:

    Becky, hi lovely.
    Of course I will make you a header. If you email me pictures you like (it helps if they are in the same color families to a degree) about 6-12 pictures I will put that together for you and send it back.


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