A new pickle bible.

I’ve long said that if you like making pickles, then you only really need one book on pickling – Linda Zeidrich’s “The Joy of Pickling”.  In fact, I refer to it as ‘my pickle bible’.  But  I recently discovered another less known gem and I am revising that statement. If you like making pickles, “The Joy of Pickling” is essential, but if you love making pickles, then you also need “The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes” by Leonard Louis Levinson.


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Uncle Kevin’s Art Installation.

When we walked into Aunt Jenny & Uncle Kevin’s living room Friday evening, I couldn’t help but notice what turned out to be Uncle Kevin’s latest salvage yard score and project. Not knowing it at the time, I dubbed it “The Living Room Art Installation”.  Neither Pat nor Edie batted an eyelash at the idea of a member of my family having a new art installation in the middle of their living room, because on that side of the family, there are many artists and among those who aren’t artists, they frequently feature in their homes work by the family artists.   A new art installation in the middle of the living room just seems par for the course.

name 026

If it weren’t so blurry, wouldn’t this image look like it was taken in a museum?

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Call and Answer.

The other day as I was out running errands, I felt the call of the thrift.   If you’ve never felt that call before, it’s hard to describe.  It’s a gut feeling that if you don’t go to the thrift store right there and then, you will miss out on something that needs to come home with you.  I have a love/hate thing for the SPCA Rummage Sale Store, but I found myself pulling into the parking lot Wednesday afternoon just as a parking space magically opened up.  Clearly, the fates were aligned.

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The Calvert Party Encyclopedia

My friend Allison, who happens to be the same Allison that did an entire weekend camping trip wearing a trash bag as a poncho in 3 inches of rain because I assured her there was no rain in the forecast and therefore, it was not worth running home for – which I would also like to point out she was an absolute trooper about, but then, that’s Allison.  She’s one of those rock solid people who takes everything in stride.  She’s the kind of friend you can call on a cold, snowy Saturday in January and ask to please bring you a chocolate banana milkshake because you just had a baby and your husband has told you his days of running out to please your every whim are over, thankyouverymuch and she then walks all over downtown in the snow looking for anything that’s open that will make you a chocolate banana milkshake and while she’s at it, she brings along a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which you’ve been craving for the last 9 months just in case the six pack you had sitting in the cooler on the back porch for such an event accidentally got left on the back porch in the excitement of leaving to have a baby, because it did.

She’s that kind of friend.   Kinda the bomb.

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