Highlights from yesterday.

The Fall Fiber Festival and Sheepdog trials at Montpelier.
More of those luscious ultimate chocolate cupcakes from here.
Stewed okra & tomatoes with brown rice.

A batch of cinnamon raisin bread & english muffins for breakfast this week.

Not shown: Planted some seeds for late fall and (maybe) early spring greens. Spent some quality time going through boxes of stuff I keep meaning to go through and purge at some point. (Finally!) While I was good and didn’t buy any yarn for future projects for myself at the Fiber Festival, I did buy Edie some angora yarn for her first knitting project, at her request, so there will be knitting lessons in our future. And I think I’m starting to resign myself to fall and winter coming. Sigh. I’m not really a cold weather fan, but it is more conducive to baking. And I do love to bake….

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