October already?

September was filled with lots of being a mom time. First the kiddo was sick, then her dad, with this nasty virus going around that lasts a week or more. Multiple upheavals at school on top of her being out a week sick made her not her happy little self, and so I devoted a good bit of time to just being there as a mom. I miss the baby and toddler days, when it was more physical, this mental and psychological stuff is just hard. I really do not have a good blueprint for it. I don’t have a relationship with my own mother, most of what I go by is instinct and just respect for my little girl. I want her to feel loved and like she can always talk to me, but admittedly, I’m not always sure how to go about that. I really cherish my mom friends, especially the ones who have older daughters, who don’t mind sharing that third grade was hard for them too. I’m not quite sure how I would get through without them sometimes.

So while I didn’t get as many things accomplished as I would have liked, my girl is much more her old self again, thanks to alot of mom time, a good number of playdates I forced upon her, and some good old cupcakes. I know this motherhood thing is just going to get harder, but if there is one thing I know I’m good at, it’s motherhood. Even when it’s rough. That and baking chocolate cupcakes.

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