The Arugula has bolted.

Last fall, I threw some arugula seeds in the ground and before all of those lovely greens got picked and eaten, it started snowing. And those greens stayed buried under snow the better part of December, January, February & into March. That picture up there is what they looked like when the snow melted last month. I didn’t know if they had actually made it, but turns out they did and of course, bolted first chance they got. Consequently, we’ve been eating some nice, fresh, locally grown greens in alot of meals this week. A nice mushroom arugula risotto one night, tonight a deconstructed arugula pesto, augmented with some arugula pesto from the freezer. Clearly, we like to let our arugula bolt around here. We may even like it more cooked than in salads.

I sauteed some arugula with garlic and pine nuts in olive oil, then tossed in the pesto, then tossed it all with some pasta. It’s darn tasty if I say so myself. And feels great to be able to eat our own food fresh from the garden again. It’s the only thing ready to pick right now, besides some chives, but it feels great to be able to walk outside and pick dinner again. Especially during this glorious 80 degree weather. Barefoot in the dirt hasn’t felt so good in I don’t know how long.

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