From the vault.

That there pillow got started I don’t even know how long ago. It had been moved from the basket of unfinished projects to a new location and when I went through the stash this weekend, I found it. I had pieced it together before I put it away – it had trim covering the seams pinned down, but not sewn. I can’t remember why I put it aside, but it had been long given up on.
Pat’s grandmother was a quilter and while I admire the craft of it, I just haven’t felt drawn to it enough to do it. This was my first feeble attempt at it. While I like the results, I’m not sure I’m going to jump into more quilting anytime soon. Grandma had made this amazing crazy patchwork quilt that I fell in love with, that she used old ties in the making of. It’s really a work of art and way beyond my feeble beginner skills. Somewhere along the line, I acquired a book about crazy patchwork and it broke down the crazy quilt process into small bites, pillows, laundry bags, instead of a queen size bed quilt, so it seemed dare I say, approachable? Although I still don’t think I could ever come up with something as beautiful as Grandma’s crazy patchwork quilt.
The pillow in question was made of various scraps from items in the living room, or things that would seem to flow with scraps from items in the living room. The leopard print is some throw pillows, the purple canvas is a fabric sample from the company I bought the slipcover for, as is the red canvas (it was the reject color), the red geometric pattern is from some pillows, as is a white brocade, the rest just seemed to flow with what was there. I even threw in some patterned purple velvet that was a dress scrap, as a small shoutout to the purple velvet sofa that lives under the purple canvas slipcover (Because babies & purple velvet sofas don’t mix well. Although that statement also applies to me I need a slipcover. On everything). I can’t even remember how long it took me to put it together – not long I think. The trim I pinned down was mostly upholstery trim, white & blue (?), with some chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon thrown in here & there. I left some of the white down and then proceeded to swap just about everything else out and start over. I used bits that went with the color scheme, bits that I love (the green leaves and the chicken ribbon) and that fringe piece? A scrap from Edie’s Christmas stocking. Over all, I think I like it. It looks great with my orange walls and my purple velvet sofa, even when it’s slipcovered. I might try another one sometime. Maybe.

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