What I did with my weekend when I only had a few places to be.

My latest inspiration for 11 year old boys.

One plain T-shirt with unbleached, unfinished muslin flair. I’m really digging it myself actually. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, despite how wonky the ‘S’ looks in that photo. It’s not really that wonky, I promise.
I finally had a weekend where I had some time and energy to knock out some projects and it was soooo nice. Or at least, work on some projects besides household chores. I got some laundry done, some baking done, and most importantly, some sewing done. That up there is Pat’s nephew’s belated birthday present. I also pulled a few things out of the vault and got going on them again. I’m really excited about both of them and promise to share as they are finished.

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