Winding down.

For spring break this year, I took the mini-me to NYC to see the sights. From the moment the subway car doors slammed shut taking us away from Penn Station and a young poet stood up and started performing his work, her little mind was blown. We did MOMA, we did the Met, we did Central Park, Times Square, the Village, and more. We covered alot of territory in our two full days running around the city.
We stayed with an old friend from college, who lives in Brooklyn with her husband and the world’s second cutest baby ever. (The first being my Edie of course.) I taught said friend to sew back in college and she currently teaches fashion history at Parsons The New School for Design. She has quite the library of books about fashion and sewing and some really amazing clothes she’s sewn for herself. The whole experience has me completely inspired to get creative as soon as I get settled back in. And to be a little less intimidated by making my own patterns.
But first, we have to acclimate back into quiet, small town life. Everything bloomed while we were away – the dogwoods, the azaleas, the grass became green and luscious and leaves have started popping out on all the trees. So very nice to come back to so much green after our exciting tour of the city. I do love the city, but I think I love my green more. And Edie agrees. She’s been outside almost all day getting her green fix on. Although she did tell me, she does want to go back and see more of the Met. I completely agree.

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