Home Alone

Pat’s phone call last night confirmed what I had been joking about for a few weeks now – that there was going to be less snow on the ground in Alaska than there is here. The snow is lovely, but the frozen white landscape is starting to get old and is definitely not melting fast enough. I need some color around here!

With both of them gone, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I made it about an hour and half before I felt really lonely, thankfully about 5 minutes after that, Loretta showed up and I was alone no longer. I crave alone time and then don’t know what to do when I actually get it in large chunks. I have a whole list of things I’d like to and should get done, but starting on them seems to be another story. It might just be that huge pile of mending/ironing/unfinished projects I have blocking the entry to what Edie calls my “Happy Corner”, where my sewing machine and all my craft supplies are. That seems like a very good place to start, and I can hole up and watch movies and the Olympics up there while I’m at it. I might be onto something… .

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