Pondering picture taking and other things.

I really need to figure out how to take a good picture of stuff I like to make. Definitely need to play with it more. Need to pay attention to light and things like that. I think that’s why I wanted to upgrade to a really good camera a while back. Because I have a hard time taking good pictures of stuff I like to make. And in trying to take those pictures, I’m realizing I have few places in my home that are picture worthy backgrounds. Hmmm. I should take that as a hint to declutter. We have a small home, we use just about every spare inch. I don’t think we need a bigger one – that’s just more house for me to not clean, I just could get rid of some stuff. There’s an idea.

I really do like my new camera. It’s nice. I bet I could get Edie to teach me how to take good pictures of stuff with it, since she’s figured out so many of the settings on there. I could also stand to learn to play more with photoshop and do all sorts of fun things to pictures, but I feel a little intimidated by everything I could possibly not know about it. I have a fondness for light and color though, so it seems like I should be able to figure it out, I just need to concentrate on it. I like to think though, that you can just be old school about it and take a picture and not alter it on the computer at all.

This here is one of the shirts I made for Edie’s pals. The other is black with a red linen center on the painted daisy. And they both have a coordinating smaller daisy on the right hand corner by the hem. Edie wanted them that way, so I made them that way. I outlined them both today in purple paint, but cannot for the life of me get a decent picture of it. But that picture almost works, right?

I like experimenting. I like trying to mix mediums – in this case, fabric and paint. I did a few shirts last year that were a mix of embroidery and an iron on transfer. I kinda like how they turned out a little more than I like this mix. But maybe I just haven’t found the right combo yet. Definitely something to kick around…..

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