Master Plan, Day 2.

So the idea is that I do this alot, make it a habit, which will then help keep me inspired to make stuff. Which seemed really easy in the master plan stage and I know is going to be hard in the execution stage. Today, I really was a wee bit inspired by all this, but also by all the crap I had to get done today. I had an overly productive day, definitely. Alot of it I needed to do, like laundry and dinner and figure out what Edie was giving as gifts at this weekend’s slumber parties, but making them T-shirts was maybe a wee bit over and above (although cheaper and really much less stressful and time consuming than going shopping with her to the toy store where we have to make sure we have time to fully take in the entire Hello Kitty display in all it’s glory while they wrap our gifts for us) and the zucchini bread was definitely over and above. I was in the mood to bake the other day and pulled the zucchini from last summer’s garden out of the freezer and had to just make myself get around to it. See? Overly productive. And worn out, I didn’t feel like doing this, but if I’m going to fall into the habit, I have to do it.
And now I’m going to curl up next to my honey and knit and watch some Olympics and call it a day.

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