The first step

I have spent the last several months in a creative drought. Absolutely no juices flowing to get me going so to speak. I went on a bit of a knitting frenzy in December, but once I used up a good portion of my stash knitting scarves as gifts for a few deserving people, I couldn’t get inspired to start anything else. Especially anything that was most certainly not a scarf. Definitely not the shawl, sweater or socks I had promised my family members I was going to start on right away when I bought the yarn.

Out of the blue one day, a friend asked about making them a shower curtain. This friend had a few ideas, but they needed to be thought out some more and it got me started up again. I got to thinking about materials and textures and thinking in proportion, methods of construction – how to finish the seams, how to lay out the fabric. What fabric to use, how would it wash, wear, all that stuff I think I had started forgetting about. I pulled out my sketchbook, my old drawing tools, and borrowed a few of Edie’s colored pencils and markers. It made me realize how much I missed drawing, sewing, designing, everything I do to create things. I went to the fabric store, walked around feeling fabrics, pondered ideas, came home, hopped online and started ordering samples of other fabrics to be considered. It got me going again. For now, that project is on hold, which is good, because it allows me time to slowly dip my toes back into the water of creativity again. I’ll admit, I was slightly overwhelmed by the idea of sewing all that fabric. In the meantime though, I finally got around to making some long overdue gifts. Finally made something. A few things. Little things, but things nonetheless. I will certainly post some photos of that work here soon, but first I have to get them to the intended recipients.

It’s awfully good to feel that mojo again.

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