It’s fun to fondue!

Picture 119It’s no secret that the people who inhabit our neighborhood use any sort of excuse to host a get-together. As the snow continued to accumulate Thursday, Dahlia sent out an email asking if anyone else thought this was cheese fondue weather. Our thoughts may have been more along the lines of, good gosh let’s get out of this house and drink with other people, but hey, fondue worked.  A few emails (and phone calls) later, we appeared to have a plan. Continue reading

Fun Friday Links.


Happy Weekend Everyone.

The Best Holiday.

I know I say this about every holiday, but Halloween really is the best night of the year.  The flurry of costume construction in the days before, the actual day, where the children are far too keyed up to do anything but talk about how much candy they are going to consume and then, finally, FINALLY, they are let loose to roam the streets, going to door, with the universal language of lights on, someone’s home and all you have to do is knock on the door and they will give you candy.  The air is filled with fun and the sense of community.  Parents wandering with a red solo cup in hand, looking after a group of kids that got just a little bit ahead of them while they stopped to chat.  Or refill as the case may be. Continue reading

Tuesday morning.

I ripped out the remnants of the summer vegetable garden yesterday.  The heavy frost last weekend took out what was left, which wasn’t much.  The mini-cukes & the malabar spinach were the only plants producing anything, the tomatillos having bitten the dust somewhere around the middle of September and the tomatoes had looked pathetic for probably almost as long.

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play 005Our neighbor Brian was out of town last week, during which the majority of figs on the tree in his front yard ripened.  Not wanting to leave such goodness for those no-good squirrels, I helped myself.  Then Brian came back earlier than expected and I felt bad I’d helped myself to his figs.  To compensate, I thought I’d make him something with the figs.  Because there is nothing more thoughtful than preparing baked treats for your neighbors with figs they grew and you helped yourself to. Continue reading