It seemed like a simple plan.

With Pat gone for a few days to a conference, I thought I’d take advantage of the beautiful weekend weather and mow the yard.  It had been a bit since it had been mowed – between the weather and our schedule, mowing was a task that just seemed to fall through the cracks. With the weather being sunny and dry on Saturday, I thought I’d mow the lawn, then move onto canning all the cherries I’d picked from our tree this week.  Also on the docket was a little bit of house cleaning. Continue reading

This week’s go-to potluck item.

We spent Memorial Day weekend mostly around the homestead in a blur of outdoor band concerts, impromptu potluck dinners with neighbors and a float down the river.  There was an attempt to make home made ice cream that failed spectacularly when I realized way too far into the process that our ice cream maker was no longer of this world.  I tried googling how to make ice cream without a maker  but I didn’t realize until a few hours later it was probably too far along to really salvage. We now have a big plastic tub of frozen creamy strawberry mix in the freezer that is quite lovely with warmed pound cake or lemon cake fresh out of the oven at a potluck.

spring 1813 Continue reading


wedding 459Spring, with all its glorious blooms and colors is still a marvel after last winter. The blooming pink dogwood has transitioned to green leaves, with the breeze sending petals to the ground in spring’s version of snowfall. Continue reading

Clap along.

Picture 286Nothing tickles me more than finding the things she leaves for us like the above note written in the corner of the kitchen blackboard.  Tucked under the ongoing grocery list, I found that little nugget of happy the other day.

Other nuggets of happy this week? Continue reading

It’s fun to fondue!

Picture 119It’s no secret that the people who inhabit our neighborhood use any sort of excuse to host a get-together. As the snow continued to accumulate Thursday, Dahlia sent out an email asking if anyone else thought this was cheese fondue weather. Our thoughts may have been more along the lines of, good gosh let’s get out of this house and drink with other people, but hey, fondue worked.  A few emails (and phone calls) later, we appeared to have a plan. Continue reading

Fun Friday Links.


Happy Weekend Everyone.