Tuesday morning.

I ripped out the remnants of the summer vegetable garden yesterday.  The heavy frost last weekend took out what was left, which wasn’t much.  The mini-cukes & the malabar spinach were the only plants producing anything, the tomatillos having bitten the dust somewhere around the middle of September and the tomatoes had looked pathetic for probably almost as long.

name 054While I was out there, a neighbor and her toddler leaving the park wandered over for a chat.  Standing there, Jeff the mailman walked by on his route and stopped to point out the hawk in the tree in the back yard.

name 060He reported it was not the first time he’d seen a large hawk in the neighborhood – in fact, he’d recently seen one flying down the middle of Rose Hill with a squirrel in it’s talons.

name 065We chatted for a bit, then he moved on and then Jennifer moved on and I realized the hawk was still sitting there.

name 075So I ran in and grabbed my camera and came out to shoot these photos.

name 076Which are far more glorious than my poor, tired old garden.

(click on the photos for bigger, more glorious versions.  The bird lover in you won’t be disappointed.)

8 thoughts on “Tuesday morning.

    • Becky says:

      Absolute luck on that. I didn’t know I had gotten that shot until I went back and looked at them. I just kept shooting while he prepared to take flight.

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