The point of it all.

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“The car is packed.”

“I saw.”

“Did you see what an awesome job I did packing the trunk?  I did it in record time too. I even took before and after pictures.”

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“So you can post it on your blog and tell everyone how awesome you are?”

“Well, isn’t that the point of having a blog, so that you can brag about how awesome you are?”


Five Photos, Five Stories, #1

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I like to wander my yard with my camera in hand.  I’ve been teaching myself to shoot manually for the last year or so.  I’ve briefly – as in, sat in the yard one afternoon with a stack of library books and a glass of wine – studied the ins and outs of this.  I only vaguely know the terms, but I have (mostly) figured out how to set my camera to achieve the shots I want.  I learn more by doing than I do by reading sometimes, and this is definitely true when it comes to photography. Thank goodness for digital, which makes learning to play so much cheaper and easier than film photography.  I like to capture light and moods, I love shooting with macro lens and focusing in on details.  My garden and everything that inhabits it, are some of my favorite things to shoot because they are always changing, always in flux.  What’s in bloom today can be gone tomorrow.  Such is the tale of this spider.  I was walking into the basement to check laundry when I saw the late afternoon sunlight shining through the web and ran to grab my camera, as that light can be fleeting. I held my breath as I shot, almost unable to believe I was able to capture so beautifully the streaming sun light through the delicate web.  It’s taken me a good bit of work as well as luck to be able to shoot this photo. Such is life, isn’t it?  You can work all you want, but sometimes, you just luck into things.

Suzicate at The Water Witch’s Daughter invited me to play Five Photos, Five Stories. I invite Cassi at Bad at Being Mom to participate.  If you wish to play the rules are that you post a picture a day with a story, fiction or non-fiction, or a poem and nominate one fellow blogger a day to participate.


Live and in person.

IMG_1951I first discovered Suzicate’s blog, The Water Witch’s Daughter, while in the midst of getting sucked down one of those rabbit holes the interwebs are famous for.  Her writing struck a chord with me as her Virginia is for Lovers page gave away she was from the same state. I discovered she lived in Virginia Beach on the coast, but was from Nelson County, just south of here.  The more I got to know her, I realized we were creative kindred spirits and then some.  We picked at the same orchards. I was pretty sure we knew some of the same people and that our husbands would hit it off. Continue reading

Hopping to it.

IMG_9439Suzicate is a creative kindred spirit, with her poetry blog, her sewing/quilting/fiber arts blog in addition to The Water Witch’s Daughter.  Suzi is an amazing photographer as well as an inspiring writer.  Whatever the topic of her latest post over on The Water Witch’s Daughter, I find it has some relevance to what is going on in my life, every time.  She approached me a few weeks ago about participating in a creative blog hop with her.  As I often find myself either in some sort of conversation about creativity or following the path of some creative avenue, I thought it was right up my alley. Continue reading

Well hello there!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  True to form, May has kicked my ass on every level imaginable once again this year.  How is it Memorial Day weekend already?  I’m still not done getting the gardens in, the only batch of strawberry jam I made was at last night’s Happy Cook class and when people ask what our summer plans are, I have no answer.  None. Continue reading

Turning the tables.

I’m convinced I’m the least read, most well known blog out there.  Everyone knows I blog, but no one I know seems to actually read it regularly.  I’m not complaining mind you – it’s sort of weird to put yourself out there and have virtual strangers walk up to you at school and tell you how much they liked that post you wrote where you admitted to pregaming PTO events.  Sometimes I think I prefer the readers I don’t know, because it’s much easier to put things out there when my audience is complete strangers and not people you run into around town. Continue reading

11 Questions.

The thing about blogging is wondering exactly what people want to read- for instance, I almost didn’t publish that last post on cantaloupe jam because I had this second thought after writing it that no one really cared two cents about cantaloupe jam.   I was very pleasantly surprised to see that indeed some of you actually like hearing about cantaloupe jam.  I always get a little thrill when I hear how much someone likes this blog – this whole thing started on a lark trying to keep a lost then found creative spark that is so much a part of me that I don’t ever want to lose it again.   In a little internet game of tag you’re it, Meridith over at Counting Chickens gave me a little shout-out along with a list of questions that were optional for me to answer.  And if you know me, you know that I bounce from subject to subject, so why should my blog be any different?  This one is for you Meridith.

Continue reading

So far this week.

I bought beets at market last Saturday.  I roasted them in a foil packet in just a wee bit of water at 375 for just over an hour.  I let them cool,  peeled them, tossed with with salad greens, goat’s milk feta cheese, salt & pepper, olive oil & red wine vinegar. We liked them.  So much so I bought more beets at market this Saturday and when I suggested making that salad again today, Edie said okay.  Which means she likes them I think.  Dare I say we are starting to like beets? Continue reading

Strawberry Pickles, Take One.

A few weeks ago I posted a sneak peak from my day – a photo shoot I participated in with Sarah & Andrea of Beyond the Flavor with their post yesterday on pickling carrots  as the result.  The shoot itself was good practice for all the demonstrations I have lined up for myself this spring & summer, while writing the text gave me a chance to articulate everything I know about the process and gather my thoughts for what I want to talk about when doing said demonstrations. Continue reading