Summer evenings in the neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is located in a small hollow. It’s rare that we get sunsets – when we do see color in the evening sky, we know it must be absolutely spectacular to the rest of the world.

The other evening was one of those where the sky here was spectacular. We put dinner on pause and took Betsy for a sunset appreciation stroll so that we could appreciate the glory of the evening sky.

We dropped Edie at camp last Sunday for three weeks, so it’s just us and the dog. We have already fallen into a little habit of lingering in the yard in the evenings more than usual, before heading inside after sunset to have dinner in the den, TV trays set up in front of us, while catching up on shows. Yes, I know what that makes us sound like and frankly, I think I’m okay with it. I mean, it’ s not like we’re eating at 4 and watching Wheel of Fortune.

A perk of lingering longer in the front yard is that it gives us more time to visit with passing neighbors on their evening walks. One of our regular visitors is  Sarah and her family. I loved Sarah’s ensemble so much the other evening, that I insisted on taking a picture to send to Edie at camp. Sarah very nonchalantly pointed out, as is her way, that her dress was on backwards. Pat complimented her on the cleverness of that move – it makes it far easier to take off with the zipper in the front.  These things are very important when you are three and asserting your independence where you can. I’m pretty sure Sarah was impressed with how much Pat got it. It really wasn’t that long ago that we had a sassy, independent three year old living with us pushing the boundaries of fashion, even if we do currently prefer our dinner in the den on TV trays.

Sarah however, was not up for discussing the finer points of her fashion choices, as her friend Betsy Beagle was clearly in need of a belly rub. And so, Sarah stopped to indulge her before continuing her evening walk with her family, so that we could head inside for dinner and a show.

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